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Aside from photographing stories of love and life, I am motivated to tell stories and document people going about their everyday work life.

Work counts for a big part of our lives so I have launched Work Stories as a way to photograph people who are turning their passion into their work and wholeheartedly invested in their chosen career path.

Business Branding photoshoots are much more than a portrait session and certainly not a traditional corporate headshot. A business branding session is about sharing your brand, style, personality and the foundations of what your business stands for.

I would love to get to know your work story and help you share your brand with your audience.


Why do you need a personal brand? … because
people buy from someone they know, like and trust.


In business today, your ideal client wants to get to know the personality behind the business. You are the heart and soul of your business and people buy from someone they know, like and trust.

Under the Work Stories brand, Deb photographs Environmental Lifestyle Portraits which are business portraits captured in a natural way so your personality shines through. Typically the session is on location in a familiar working environment so that your brand story makes sense. Along with Business Branding Photography sessions to create content for your brand’s website and social media.


Grow Your Brand With Beautiful Visuals
To Stay Front Of Mind With Your Ideal Client



Be the face of your brand.


The lifestyle portraits and personal branding photography sessions are perfect for creatives, entrepreneurssmall business ownersstart-upsartistsmakersclothing brandshotel/AirBNB accommodation, travel/tourismcareer-motivated individualsbloggersbrand influencerspeople hosting events and workshops and so on requiring non-traditional headshots (what we call environmental lifestyle portraits because they are more fun than headshots) and on-brand images for your website and social media.

The session can be either at your place of work or like many small business owners that work from home, we can hit up the local cafe and neighbourhood.

During the session, we will create a variety of images from natural business portraits of you (and your team), lifestyle imagery to represent you and your services, and flat lays incorporating your products.

Before your session, there will be a planning session to understand your business and brand and discuss your photography requirements. Then when it comes to the day of shooting we can bring all the elements together to produce the images you need to boost your social game.

Follow the journey of entrepreneurs and small businesses as they create their personal brand in the branding portfolio HERE or to learn more about the lifestyle portraits and business branding sessions HERE.

People buy from someone they know, like and trust!

With many years experience as a photographer and running a small business, I knew to attract the ideal client I needed to be present on social media. As a photographer, I have an advantage over other businesses as I can create my own content. I want to help small businesses, creatives and entrepreneurs create visual content for their brand’s website and social media.

Frame the way you’re seen on social media with relatable & on brand curated visual content.
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Follow the journey of entrepreneurs, creatives and small businesses
as I help them create their personal brand …


Lauren Atkinson, Graphic Designer

“Deb Boots was a natural choice to help bring my personal brand to life. Deb was flexible in her time, understood exactly what I wanted and helped me achieve it. From one small business woman to another, she captured not only my vision but injected a bit of her magic as well.”

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