I was heading off to America for a few weeks, partly for a business-related trip, but before we get to the work part, there was time for some fun and capturing images to make available through my print shop. I enjoy having photographic prints on my walls at home and I hope to share that joy with others. Whether you are a DIY decorator or an interior designer wanting prints for your client’s home, we have a variety of photography-based art prints that will look stunning in any home.

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We were heading for Yosemite National Park.We hit the outskirts of the Yosemite National Park in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains about 1.30pm and had a spot of lunch before taking the winding road into the heart of the Yosemite Village and camp grounds.

As you drive the windy road into Yosemite you just know you are in for something special. The trees in the forest are the tallest I have ever seen, the rock formations are gigantic beyond belief and as it was winter, natures colours were stunning under the diffused light cause by the cloudy overcast weather.

Driving through the ancient sequoia trees, you came across the spectacular views of the iconic Bridalveil Fall, and the granite cliffs of El Capitan and the Half Dome.

We stopped at several breathtaking spots to take photos of the magnificent views of the forest and the rock formations, El Capitan, Half Dome, Cathedral Rocks, Spires, Three Brothers, Sentinel Rock and Glacier Point. We also had a herd of deer cross the road in front of us as we were driving which I managed to capture on video.

Yosemite Forest - Photographic Print - Wall Art by Deb Boots




We arrived at the base of Yosemite Valley around 4pm. We hurried to check in at the ranger station for our campsite at Curry Village, and after hearing the camp rules from the ranger – all food and shower products which have a scent must be stored in the provided food lockers and not in the car as it can attract black bears and they would rip open the vehicle to get to it … ahhh !!!  But we got out of there as we were desperate to get amongst the landscape to take some pictures.

We saw another Escape Campervan in the park and discovered they were from France before going our separate ways, but not before we grabbed a photo of the vans together.  We arrived in our camp ground, Lower Pine, where we saw yet another Escape van with graphics of the American flag.

After exploring we settled in to camp, got the fire going as it was going to be a chilly night, then for dinner a Thai soup with crusty bread warmed over the fire and some left over Chardonnay. And for dessert we enjoyed S’mores – marshmallow biscuits with chocolate – we grabbed a stick from the forest floor and warmed our marshmellows over the fire, then made our S’mores sandwiches, and chilled out in front of the fire with a glass of wine before tucking in for the night.

First morning and a full day to explore Yosemite National Park. I can report no sightings of any grizzly bears, to my disappointment, but probably for the best. We had a nice warm green tea with scrambled eggs to warm us up for breakfast.  We headed to the camp showers for a nice long hot shower – so far it was the first shower we didn’t have to put coins in for hot water, so you know what that means, a long long hot shower but the entire facility was heated earning the reputation of #bestcampfacilitiesever

We then jumped in High Noon to head over to the visitor centre cafe for a coffee and stopped in at the Ansel Adams gallery. We then jumped back in High Noon and drove around stopping at several locations to take photos. To be honest by the end of the day, it was becoming a bit like ‘more big mountains’. While I appreciate the magnificent size of the Yosemite mountains and its truly a phenomenal place, to return you would want to go hiking the trails, but still very happy to add it to my ‘places I have been’ list.

Yosemite Mountains Photographic Print - Wall Art by Deb Boots




The Red Woods of Yosemite - Photographic Print - Wall Art by Deb Boots

Yosemite Falls Photographic Print - Wall Art by Deb Boots

Yosemite Cliffs Photographic Print - Wall Art by Deb Boots




Flying High Over Yosemite Photographic Print - Wall Art by Deb Boots




We stopped at the Yosemite store to stock up on some supplies, and the sweet man behind the counter was asking where the customers have travelled from for his “World Famous Signing Bag”. Here is the list from that one day. We made the list!

We got back to camp around 4pm, started the fire and relaxed over a yummy cheese platter from the Italian deli and a glass of red from Arrowood that we purchased in Sonoma. Before chowing down to nachos for dinner after finding some mince at the Yosemite store earlier. We then relaxed by the fire. It’s still only 6.30pm. For this girl who is usually jumping in bed around midnight, these early nights relaxing by the fire with nothing to do but appreciate where we were and the silence was odd but welcoming. It was 8pm when we said good night.

The weather report was predicting rain for Friday, so we wanted to make an early start. A quick cuppa and breakfast before a morning shower became our daily ritual. We then made the slow drive out of Yosemite, stopping to photograph the mountains which were draped in pretty clouds.

Yosemite Valley Photographic Print - Wall Art by Deb Boots

Yosemite Through The Trees Photographic Print - Wall Art by Deb Boots




It was sad leaving Yosemite after such a brief trip. But to get to our Las Vegas destination, being that it was winter, we had to go the long way around because of road closures from the snow over the mountains. But I leave Yosemite with some beautiful landscape photographs to transport me back there.

Next blog will be covering our drive through Sequoia National Forest and Lake Isabella as we make our way to Death Valley. Again you will be treated to some amazing and changing landscapes.

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Being a photographer, I tell stories better through pictures than my ramblings of words on a page.
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