Travel Guide - Photos from Lake Isabella and Sequoia National Forest, California USA

I was heading off to America for a few weeks, partly for a business-related trip, but before we get to the work part, there was time for some fun and capturing images to make available through my print shop. I enjoy having photographic prints on my walls at home and I hope to share that joy with others. Whether you are a DIY decorator or an interior designer wanting prints for your client’s home, we have a variety of photography-based art prints that will look stunning in any home.

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It was sad leaving Yosemite after such a brief trip. But to get to our Las Vegas destination, being that it was winter, we had to go the long way around because of road closures from the snow over the mountains.

Our destination for today was Fresno/Bakersfield via Route 41. We made a pit stop in Madera to gas up before continuing on Route 178. We stopped again at Delano on Route 99 to stock up on food supplies for the next two days at the local Walmart, quickly becoming our goto place for everything, even a restroom stop, yes people toilets in your grocery store.

We continued driving, bypassing Bakersfield, and headed in the direction of Sequoia National Forest. Winding roads through breathtaking scenery, rolling green hills scattered with granite rocks and beautiful clouds hovering above. Sequoia National Forest was nothing short of spectacular.

We continued along route 178 to Lake Isabella. It was obvious this town was struggling from the 3 year drought hitting California and was affecting what appeared to be a tourist town. The two motels were closed and boarded up and appeared to have been for some time. We stopped at the local McDonalds for a restroom stop, wifi and coffee to figure out campsite options. On leaving, two young questionable looking characters asked to use our phone, and we moved on quickly. It was the first time it occurred to us that being in a van with graphics we stood out as tourists.

We stayed in the Lake Isabella RV Park for the night. Lake Isabella has amazing views of the mountains, even from our van!

Being photographers, we parked the van and headed out to take photos. Clouds were moving overhead, and as the cooktop was at the back of the van and no shelter, we quickly put on soup for dinner which was quickly interrupted by rain. It was our first night eating inside the van. We can’t complain though as the town and California so desperately need the rain. It’s 6.30pm and as I was writing my nightly journal, I hear the peaceful sound of raindrops landing on the van roof. What a nice way to end the day. We plan on getting up early to take photos (providing it’s not raining) so might be an early night. I can’t remember a time where I’ve had so many early nights and in bed by 8pm.

Wild Grass Photographic Print - Wall Art by Deb Boots




I expect tomorrow, after a little more exploring around Lake Isabella, we will be crossing the Nevada border and heading for the desert. Exciting as Ive seen some amazing landscape photography from that part of the world.

It was a restless night from an uneasy feeling after our little confrontation with two young questionable looking characters the night before, and our van with the colourful graphics could be clearly seen where we were parked in the RV park, but we survived the night. We were up as the sun was rising and headed out to take some photos, before returning for our ritual of coffee and scrambled eggs. For roughing it on the road in a van, we certainly were eating well. We drove out a little after 9.30am and what was a glorious sunny day.

We drove along Route 178 stopping at Weldon where we found some old rundown barns as part of a historical tourist attraction.

Lone Tree Photographic Print - Wall Art by Deb Boots



The landscape so far has been beautiful green forests, but we are heading into desert territory for the next leg through Death Valley. What amazed me about Death Valley was the constant changing landscape … make sure you follow along in Part 6.

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Being a photographer, I tell stories better through pictures than my ramblings of words on a page.
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