Can Location Scouting Even Be Considered A Job?
Not When Scouting A Location For Wedding Photos In The Beautiful NSW Blue Mountains.

One of the fun parts of my job as a Sydney wedding photographer is location scouting. It’s a good (work) excuse to get out from behind the computer and spend some valuable time surrounded by nature and unwind from the daily grind and put down the devices – well except for the camera as you will want to take lots of photos like I did.

I wasn’t familiar with the reception venue or specific location in the Blue Mountains for an upcoming wedding I was photographing. The usual reason for scouting a location ahead of the wedding day.



It’s just a bit over an hours drive west to the Blue Mountains from my home in the Western Suburbs of Sydney. I was driving up to scout the venue the couple was having their reception at along with the area the couple had mentioned they wanted to use for their wedding photos.

It’s very direct route to get up to the Blue Mountains. Take the M4 all the way to Penrith and keep following that road towards Katoomba.

Drive past Katoomba and head towards Blackheath. At the main set of lights turn left for Megalong Valley. Then its a quick left again after the railway tracks. Then follow the railway line for a short distance to the sign that says Megalong Valley turn right. Again follow that road until you reach a signed intersection where you will take a left.

From there it’s a relatively short drive down the mountain into the valley. It’s a windy road so take it slow and easy. Be prepared to be WOW’d! Megalong Valley is picturesque!



Coachwood Glen Nature Trail

My first stop was Coachwood Glen Nature Trail which is on the left side of Megalong Valley Road before hitting the bottom of the valley. There are two parking spots that lead you into the looping trail. Pictured below is the sign for the first parking lot which can only accommodate 2 cars. You are best to stop at the second carpark noticeable by the arch made of rocks and timber which has room for 3-4 cars. There you will find a beautiful rainforest trail that leads down to the river.


Coachwood Glen Nature Trail Megalong Valley a beautiful rainforest trail that leads down to the riverbed on the valley floor
Coachwood Glen Nature Trail Megalong Valley a beautiful rainforest trail that leads down to the riverbed on the valley floor
Coachwood Glen Nature Trail Megalong Valley a beautiful rainforest trail that leads down to the riverbed on the valley floor

Hopefully, these photos translate the sense of tranquility I felt as I wandered alone through the rainforest exploring the trail down to the riverbed.



Megalong Valley Community Hall

My second stop was where my couples Blue Mountains wedding reception was going to be held, the Megalong Valley Community Hall. The trees and the mountains in the backdrop make a stunning location for a Blue Mountains wedding!


Megalong Valley Community Hall, Blue Mountains



The Megalong Valley Tearooms

This scouting for wedding photo locations and wandering through a peaceful rainforest sure worked up an appetite.

While you are limited to the one cafe, The Megalong Valley Tearooms, there are ample selections on the menu along with a choice of beverages.

There is seating both inside and outside on the deck or at the picnic-style tables in the yard, all with stunning views of the surrounding Megalong Valley countryside.

I enjoyed the Rueben Sandwich that came with a side of baked potatoes, and juice and coffee. I’ve never had a Rueben Sandwich before therefore I have nothing to compare it too but it was totally delicious and the potatoes, if I dare say, were the best Id ever had! I enjoyed a nice fresh brew of coffee made on Byron Bay beans too.


Enjoying a Rueben Sandwich at the Megalong Valley Tearooms in the Blue Mountains


Time to make my way back down the mountain and head home. The great thing about the Blue Mountains, is that its only a 1-1.5 hours drive from Western Sydney so you can easily make a day trip of it as I did.


Looking up at the Blue Mountains from Megalong Valley



If you are looking for a little weekend escape outside of Sydney or visiting Australia from abroad, I totally recommend taking a drive up to the Blue Mountains. 

There are a lot of choices when it comes to accommodation in the Blue Mountains, from luxury hotels such as Lilianfels and the Hydro Majestic to quaint cottages on AirBNB.

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Another great resource for attractions and accommodation during your Blue Mountains stay, is the Visit NSW website.

Let me know if you have any favourites places you like to visit or stay in the Blue Mountains in the comments below.

Oh … and if your hunting down a photographer for your Blue Mountains wedding, take a look over at my wedding photography HERE. Also take a peek at the Megalong Valley wedding HERE.


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