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I was heading off to America for a few weeks, partly for a business-related trip, but before we get to the work part, there was time for some fun and capturing images to make available through my print shop. I enjoy having photographic prints on my walls at home and I hope to share that joy with others. Whether you are a DIY decorator or an interior designer wanting prints for your client’s home, we have a variety of photography-based art prints that will look stunning in any home.

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After filling out heads with education, inspiration and a few too many burgers and late nights, it was time to fly to New York for the last leg of our trip.

Our flight from Las Vegas to New York had been delayed 1.5 hours due to a Delta airplane sliding off the runway at New York’s LaGuardia Airport due to icy conditions. We were suppose to land in the city that never sleeps around 1.30am, it turned out that we didn’t get to the TRYP hotel until around 3am. We were conveniently located next door to the New York Police Department (NYPD), just down the block from Madison Square Garden and around the corner from B&H Photo Video – the largest warehouse of digital photography & video cameras.

We had a late start that first day in New York after our 3am arrival, starting with a much needed coffee and biscotti. We started walking around the city stopping for lunch before ending up in Central Park. The sun is shining but it’s -5 degrees and had been snowing for weeks – we arrived in New York on the tail end of the 2015 Blizzard that hit the USA. Read about the 2015 Blizzard that hit New York here. There was snow covering the ground everywhere, quite the magical winter wonderland. We saw squirrels in the park and stopped for a hot cider at the iconic Boathouse in Central Park.

I have been to New York before and NYC is one amazing place. As in my 2013 New York visit, it was snowing. It’s truly is a special city, but it’s magical in the snow … well until the ice starts to melt then it gets slippery and annoying.

But honestly, there is so much to see and do in New York. A city where you could never be bored. Being my second time, I wanted to experience New York like a local. I made sure I hung out in cafes as I would normally do at home in Australia. And most of the time just exploring neighbourhoods and taking photos of street art.

One could never tire of New York. It’s been a long 3 weeks and lots of miles travelled, so while I don’t want to leave, I also do want to get home.



As we wandered through Central Park, we stumbled upon Brandon Stanton, the photographer behind Humans of New York, filming an interview. After moving to New York, Brandon decided to take portraits of strangers on the street. He has taken around 5,000 portraits and written 50 human interest stories and counting. There is even a Humans of New York book making it onto the New York Times #1 Best Seller list.  At the time of writing this post in April 2015, Humans of New York has over 12 million followers on Facebook, and on Twitter Brandon has over 158k followers and Humans of New York 33k followers.  Lets just say he is a well known personality on social media platforms for a good cause with heart. It was definitely a highlight of my American adventure finding him in the park writing one of his stories!

We walked some more before jumping in the subway at 5th Avenue back to 34th Street
to come back to the hotel to warm our bones before heading out for dinner.

We headed out to John’s Pizzeria for dinner, a place we discovered on our 2013 trip, and it was as good as I remembered. Me and the girls shared two pasta dishes, Ravioli Alla Vodka and Spagetti & Meatballs, and a Margherita Pizza, finishing of with Tiramisu for dessert. We then wandered down to Time Square to take some night photos before walking back to TRYP. We seemed to develop a habit of having a night cap in the TRYP bar before hitting the pillow.

This NY trip I wanted to have the “live like a local experience”, so after a late night at the lobby bar chatting and my head cold taking a turn for the worst, the next morning I headed out on my own to wander through the streets of NY. I love the girls, but this time on my own to be quietly walking around taking in all that is wonderful about this vibrant city was pure bliss. You can’t get more local than that, well you could, but as close as I will get on only a week long holiday. If I was a few years younger, I would definitely go and have a year living in NYC. #I❤NY

It wouldn’t be a trip to New York without visiting the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). The current exhibition was Bjork (eek so excited), but the tickets for that days show had already sold out (so disappointing) but a wander through the gallery for a dose of art culture and inspiration is always worth the time.

Basically the next 5 days were consumed with wandering the streets and exploring New York. We caught the subway a fair bit because it was the cheapest and easiest way to get around New York City and cover street blocks more quickly. Public transport is great for people watching and finding interesting characters – shooting street photography is one of my favourite things to do besides photographing street art – unfortunately I rarely have a chance to just wander the streets taking photos unless Im travelling! I love the vibe of Brooklyn, because it feels more like the real side of Manhattan, locals just going about their daily business.

We walked along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade to Dumbo, which was covered in white snow, and along the way found some cool street art.  We then walk across the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset.

Exploring downtown Brooklyn in a cover of white snow.

Well I love street art and New York has some of the best.
At the bottom of the Brooklyn Bridge on the Dumbo side, I came across this cool colourful wall.

Last trip to New York, I went up the Rockefeller building, Top Of The Rock, to get a view of New York City but it was during the day, so this visit I wanted to see the view at sunset. Honestly I think Top Of The Rock has the better view of the city as you take in the city as well as Central Park. Whereas the view from the Empire State Building you don’t get a good view of Central Park. But boy I tell you it was freezing, between the snow and ice cold wind. Tip for travellers – take a warm jacket!

Empire State Building in Colour Photographic Print - Wall Art by Deb Boots



Dinner time! We found this cool community kitchen, basically an upmarket food court. On one of the menus I found a beef burger with peanut butter and some other yummy ingredients, which was similar to a burger I had tried in Las Vegas, and I remember making the statement to the girls ‘this is the best burger I have ever eaten’. I decided to try this version of the peanut butter burger. It was pretty darn good, but I have to admit the Vegas burger trumped the NYC burger.

So what’s the deal with the Yellow Taxi Cabs. I must admit I was keen to see the yellow taxi’s that us Aussies believe are an American icon after watching all those American TV Series as kids. But the first time I came to New York in 2013, I honestly was disappointed that were modern shaped vehicles. I hadn’t really thought about them not looking like they did in the movies. In my head I was picturing the old style yellow cabs of New York. But that ain’t the case anymore – they are modern looking yellow taxi’s and don’t quite have the charm of the older style taxis. Progress hey!

Shake Shack is another American institution you have to experience whilst in NYC – think upmarket McDonalds.

Another day riding the subway to explore the East Village, China Town, Little Italy, Soho and Noho districts. After spending an hour over breakfast at Irving Farm Coffee Roasters cafe (and hipster hangout – as they put it … haha) on the Lower East Side, I discovered what was one of my favourite parts of Manhattan.

Birds Of A Feather in Colour Photographic Print - Wall Art by Deb Boots



Birds Of A Feather in B&W Photographic Print - Wall Art by Deb Boots



Somewhere along the way we landed at Grand Central Station. Ive been there before and photographed the shit out of it, but I couldn’t resist taking this first photo – Apple has its name basically everywhere, even perfectly positioned smack bang in the middle under the grand windows of Grand Central Station!

Loving the NYPD’s blue paper sign stapled to the pole!
I guess just saying it’s the Police and the blue paper makes it offical. haha

Inside the New York Library – a stunning building with so much history and knowledge contains within its walls.

When I was in New York in 2013 they were still building the 911 Memorial so I got as far as the barricades. In 2015 I visited the 911 Memorial. It was strange seeing tourists happily taking selfies of themselves in front of a memorial that marks a world-altering tragedy. I chose to use my time there to reflect on those unfortunate soles that lost their lives there and their surviving families. Reflecting back to that day, hearing the news and remembering where I was at the time, and the changes that happened over the following weeks. I remember that day very clearly and happy to report I am still in touch with the work colleague, who I now still call a friend, that I spent that day with.

Just two years prior I suffered drinking horrible American coffee.
It’s amazing what a difference 2 years can make … and some research and planning your USA trip around where you can get good coffee.
Yes Australian coffee roasters in America!
Make sure you try Bluestone Lane Coffee next time you are in NYC. Yes to Jaffels and a Flat White.

Someone important! haha

My obsession with photographing street art continues.

On my adventure I walked past this dog park and found this guy having a hoot playing with his ball.
The snow is finally starting to melt as the weather is warming up (slightly),
leaving the streets and parks quite dirty with mud and puddles. Sure is a dogs life.

Our time in New York is coming to an end and when you think nothing would surprise you in a city that never sleeps and full of interesting characters, I let out a huge laugh when I saw this pimped up car pull up at the intersection next to us. The music was so loud it was like a nightclub on wheels. You would have heard the music even if you had earplugs in and at the end of the block. They weren’t young chickens by any means. Check the number plate too BRKNG BD … I wonder if the driver has some connection to Breaking Bad or just a fan?



The last morning in NYC was spent packing, checking out, getting to JFK airport, checking baggage, eating and waiting and waiting … We have a 6 hour flight at 3.25pm to LA arriving at 7pm. The flight was held back 1.5 hours from leaving as they hadn’t allowed sufficient time to load a car into the hull on our flight, yes you read that correctly a car. We had a sports car in the hull on our flight. Miraculously we still arrived at LAX on time. We then made our way to the international departures terminal at LAX to kill time on our 4 hour lay over before boarding our 14 hour flight home to Brisbane.

Saturday morning and we arrive home to a nice barmy 31 degrees, coming from 5 degrees, was like a big warm hug and the best welcome home. Oh apart from Virgin losing one of my bags.

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Being a photographer, I tell stories better through pictures than my ramblings of words on a page.
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