Australia never ceases to amaze me with how the weather can change. We arrived at Echo Point Lookout in Katoomba mid morning and the view of the mountains was not what I was expecting. Fog laid over the valley below and you couldn’t see the valley below nor the mountains. We turned to walk away, and with one last look back, the fog began to lift to reveal the Three Sisters and magnificent view of the mountain range. Within 5-10 minutes the sun was shining. This is why I love the Blue Mountains and Im fortunate to have the Blue Mountains National Park in my backyard, well only a bit over an hours drive from home in the Western Suburbs of Sydney.

Our family has a personal connection to the Blue Mountains, my dad grew up in Katoomba. We stopped by the houses where he lived when he was a boy. The properties are no longer in the family so we just had Dad stand out the front of the houses for a photo for the family history records. Mind you, Dad has the early onset of dementia so Im not 100% confident these are the exact houses. Oh well, sometimes its not about being right, but about someone, Dad in this case, feeling right. Im happy to let it slide, because Dad commented on the way home that’s probably the last time he will get to visit Katoomba. Im sure the family will take him again, but with his memory declining, it might be the last night he has memories of his time as a boy in Katoomba.

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