Even though I take photos as a job, its nice to get the camera out just for fun to remind myself why I fell in love with photography in the first place.

I find pottering around the garden and taking photos of leaves, flowers and natural textures so energising. I guess its similar to what gardeners get out of being in the garden – it’s peaceful, the solitude provides some necessary ‘me time’ and just playing around taking photos when I first fell in love with photography.

Even as adults I think play is important – especially for creatives.  Im sure there are statistics somewhere to support this belief .. haha. Maybe play as adults is more experimenting and the act of being creative, but it sure is fun and who doesn’t want to do fun things!

Even as simple as my backyard is, there is always something to photograph if you look hard enough, and its the right time of year when the plants are in bloom.

A big part of learning photography for me was in the backyard photographing my dog so I guess I always retreat to the garden to take photos.

Today’s mission was more about just getting some fresh images that I could try out some new editing techniques. I have mostly edited the images with a looks like film pastel toning which I think works really well with the green colours of the garden.

What do you think of these edits? Please comment at the end of the post.

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