I’ve decided to start a monthly blog series because I get to the end of each month and think what the heck did I do all month? This way it will make me accountable (haha) for work and also making sure Im doing enough things for me and my wellbeing.

You see, 2 and a bit years ago I was called back home to Sydney to help care for my dad who has dementia. Relocating myself and my business to Sydney has been challenging. I loved my life in Brisbane as I’d been there 11 years and started 2 businesses in that time. So that was my first hurdle to come to terms with, moving back to Sydney after 11 years being away except for visits. We also aren’t a close family, Im adopted which I attribute to many of my issues (we all have them right 😉 … but I’m never one to play the blame or victim games, it’s just the circumstances and environment that plays a role in shaping the adult you become.

I have fallen into the trap of always having to feel like I need to be at home with Dad. I do have my brother here helping too, but well let’s just say that’s a long story. While he does his fair share of helping, we have different roles and it just seems as though I’m the one stuck always here to get dad lunches, on weekends and public holidays like today. Never does he consider I might like a break or getaway to visit friends. I never have enough time to go anywhere interesting for a break because I always need to be here at lunch. The only escapes I have are for work as a wedding photographer, but work isn’t a proper break even though I love my job photographing couples on their wedding day.

Dad does go to a daycare centre for oldies one day a week, but after dropping him off and pick him up I spend 2 hours in the car driving those days. I’m limited to what I can do and how far I can go. And that’s the other problem, I hate where I live! There is nothing in my area nor the kinds of cafes I feel I can hang around in for a couple of hours working on my laptop. We do have a carer that comes in for a few hours one day a week too and Im working on making those my days off to go do something ‘for me’.

Im asking my readers to keep me accountable too! Apart from starting this monthly blog series, you will also be seeing what I get up to on my Tuesday ‘me days’ in a new series called Coffee & Camera.

Coffee & Camera will be about hunting down some of the coolest cafes and places around Sydney and surrounds and naturally I’ll be taking photos along the way.

Yes photography is my job, but I fell in love with photography first before it was my job. There is nothing I love more than getting out and shooting photos for myself. Keep an eye out for more of that content in the future.


But as for September, it started with taking Dad to several doctor’s appointments (oh the joys of being a carer) but there were fun times as well.


Photographing My First Conference And Back In Brisbane

I was off to Brisbane to photograph a two-day conference at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre with my friend and photographer Terri Hanlon.

It’s the first conference I’ve photographed and was much like photographing a wedding. From candids of the registrants as they arrive for the event, to the speakers in action, sponsor stands, registrants interacting with the people on the sponsor stands and even the evening entertainment and dancing. What a great experience and a big thanks to Terri for asking me to assist.

While I can’t show you photos of the conference as the images are copyrighted to the client, these days something didn’t happen unless you have photo evidence. So here are some photos from the window seat of the plane as I took off from Sydney Airport up into the skies headed for Brisbane. There is something special about seeing aerial photos of the land and blue ocean you can see from above. Then over Brisbane waters as we began our descent into Brisbane.

The client had put us up in the Soda Apartments in South Brisbane just around the corner from the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. You will have to excuse the lack of photos as the schedule was pretty tight and any spare time was left for eating and sleeping.

I would totally recommend the Soda Brisbane Apartments if you are visiting Brisbane. They are conveniently located between South Brisbane and trendy West End and within walking distance to all the fabulous attractions and restaurants at Southbank with Brisbane city just over the river. The apartment itself was a nicely decorated one-bedroom suite with a full kitchen and dining area plus a balcony with stunning views of South Brisbane.

After the second day of shooting and racking up 40+ hours between the two of us in two days, we were desperate to get off our feet and it was Friday night after all so we stopped at the closest pub, the Pig N Whistle, for a drink and yummy hot chips to wind down. One drink turned into 2, 3, 4 … wines and we eventually wound up at this cool little joint Wandering Cooks conveniently across from Soda Apartments and getting way too drunk before calling it a night.

Before I knew it was time to jump on the plane back to Sydney. You can’t beat flying into Sydney at sunset.


Wedding Season Kicks Off

The Spring wedding season kicks off with my first wedding down in the Southern Highlands. And it was a double-header with me second shooting for another photographer the following day up in the Hunter Valley. Long days shooting with lots of sitting down in the car driving too but its all made worth it watching beautiful love stories unfold in front of your lens.

Here is a sneak peek from my Southern Highlands wedding at The Robertson Hotel.

Southern Highlands wedding at The Robertson Hotel

If you’re planning a trip to the Southern Highlands you might find my post on things to do in the Southern Highlands of interest.


Working On My Wellbeing

One of the fun parts of my job as a wedding photographer is location scouting. Its a good (work) excuse to get out from behind the computer and go spend some valuable time surrounded by nature.

I had a wedding coming up and I wasn’t familiar with the venue or specific area, which is the usual reason for scouting a location ahead of a wedding. I headed up to the Blue Mountains to scout the areas the couple had mentioned they wanted to use for their wedding photos. And WOW what a picturesque location!

Hopefully, these photos translate the sense of tranquility I felt as I wandered alone through the rainforest exploring the trail down to the riverbed.

I took a stack of photos but this location deserves a dedicated post all of its own so go check out my post on Location Scouting A Rainforest Wonderland – Megalong Valley, Blue Mountains.

I just photographed the couple’s forest wedding this past weekend so stay tuned to see the wedding photos captured in this gorgeous Blue Mountains rainforest location.


See you guys next month.


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