I met Lauren a few years ago when I photographed her wedding. At the time Lauren was a nurse but has since left nursing to pursue a more creative and personal fulfilling job as a graphic designer, under her brand Sitting Pretty Graphics.

Working with businesses to create images to market their business, Lauren knows how important it is to have professional photography for her business. For Lauren’s Business Lifestyle Portraits and Personal Branding photoshoot, we wanted to capture Lauren’s fun personality but also have a light-hearted professional presence.


Lauren’s Story

“Sometimes in life you get blindsided by something, we’ve all be there – an unexpected phone call that makes your heart sink through the floor. My moment was on the 20th of January 2014 when I received the news that no daughter wants to hear, that your rock and father had passed away.

It took me a whole year of grieving, throwing myself into my work as a nurse to come to terms with what had happened.

I was promoted, my family was closer than ever before but still something was missing. I’ve always had a creative side that I’ve struggled to find an outlet for, my old nursing books are covered in doodles and colourful notes. I decided that life was too short to not do something I loved, but little did I know that just 12 months later, I would leave nursing for the more colourful pastures of graphic design.

Design is a beautiful outlet for all my emotions and creativity.

It’s funny how when you’ve faced death so many times, both in professional and private life, that life takes on a whole new meaning.

Sitting Pretty Graphics is the culmination of everything that I am, a straight to the point nurse that now controls a small business.

Dealing with clients and patients requires the same compassion, understanding and clear communication to deliver a service.

My family is the driving force behind my business. The name Sitting Pretty Graphics is a “famous” saying of my parents. When everything is going in your favour and you can see the end picture, they would exclaim “you’ll be sitting pretty”. For me, that’s what I aim for when my clients walk through the door with a vision of who they are and who they want to be. I know that by the end of our time working together, they and their business will be “sitting pretty”.

– Lauren Atkinson, Sitting Pretty Graphics


During Lauren’s personal branding photoshoot, we captured a mix of business headshots and fun lifestyle portraits, some with a more serious professional expression and others had Lauren’s big friendly smile. We shot in a few different locations for variety as well as a wardrobe change. We grabbed a few abstract detail photos which will be great for Lauren’s website and sharing on Instagram. We wrapped the personal branding photoshoot with a few more photos in Lauren’s home office, where we were joined by her office assistants of the furry dog variety, Frank & Terry.

Deb Boots Business Branding Photography focuses on creating on-brand visual communication through professional photography to market your business. Business headshots for entrepreneurs, creatives, small businesses, start-ups and any person passionate about their brand. Fun lifestyle portraits for aspiring models, bloggers, brand influencers and individuals.


A Personal Branding Photoshoot Success Story

“It’s incredible how your life crosses paths with people. Right from the first meeting, I knew Deb Boots Love Stories was going to be part of my wedding. Her ability to make you feel at ease and her sense of fun helped produce the most incredible wedding photos. When I started my own business, Deb Boots was a natural choice to help bring my personal brand to life. Deb was flexible in her time and understood exactly what I wanted and helped me achieve it. From one small businesswoman to another, she captured not only my vision but injected a bit of her magic as well. Thank you Deb! I’m so glad that our friendship and businesses have crossed paths again.”

– Lauren Atkinson, Sitting Pretty Graphics


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