The same afternoon as I drove my new Sprinter van in the driveway for the first time, I couldn’t help to at least organise to have one job done 😉

She came with two heavy metal shelving units — along one side it was the full length of the cargo hold 4.2m long and the other side about 3m long, and two shelves on each side. They were bolted to a frame which was bolted to the van body and floor. There was no way I could have removed these on my own. And they had to go before I could do anything else.

I have to admit I was a bit overwhelmed by how I was going to removed them, they were huge and heavy. I couldn’t care less if I sold them, I just wanted these damn things gone as they were holding up doing anything. Remember this is only day one … lol

When you want something done fast, just post its FREE on Facebook Marketplace. I took some quick photos of the shelving, popped up an ad in Facebook Marketplace saying “Free if you can remove the shelving” which took all of 5 seconds and I had 5 people immediately wanting to take them off my hands.

The next morning Joe and his mate turned up at 8am with tools and in the rain might I add. About an hour later the shelving was removed, loaded on their ute and the van was prepped ready to begin the first stage of the build, to remove the walls and floor to make sure there is no rust behind them. Joe was planning to use them in his garage for storing tools. Win Win!

Left: what the van looked like with the shelves (in the up position but they fold down to the shelf position) and Right: now without.

Next — onto prepping the van for the build, cleaning behind the wall panels and removing stickers and pulling up the floor.

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