Like many of you, I am a big fan of listening to podcasts, especially ones that support women in business and girl bosses.

I happened to stumble upon an interview by The Boss Babe Podcast where they interviewed girl boss Farah Merhi. Farah Merhi is the founder of the Inspire Me Home Decor lifestyle brand with over 5 million followers on the brands Instagram page and a sweet half-million plus on her Farah Merhi Instagram, making it the most-followed in the home decor space.

Inspire Me Home Decor is an American go-to resource for home decor expertise for design enthusiasts ranging from housewives and DIYers to designers.

The interview focused on Finding Purpose And Fulfilment In Work, Home And Self so go take a listen here

I came away feeling like Farah Merhi is my spirit person with her views on the difference between a house and a home, and how a tidy-organised home impacts on the rest of your day.

Okay, time to get vulnerable and speak my truth. This is the first time I’ve ever publically talked about this … I grew up with a Dad that is a hoarder and it has shaped my home life. I might get the courage one day to go further into the subject of hoarding and my experiences of living with a hoarder … but it’s still a very raw emotional thing to talk about especially since I’ve moved back into my childhood home to care for my father who now has dementia. Watch this space …

As an adult and moving into her first home realising Im OCD when it comes to keeping an organised house. My love of interior design and spending my first pay cheque, and subsequent pay cheques, on interior design magazines like Australian Country Style magazine, Australian House & Garden magazine, Real Living magazine and Inside Out magazine, and the architectural Wallpaper magazine, that design and furniture choices were important in making not just my home life happy but being surrounded by pretty things impacted on my life in general.

Whatever Makes You Happy You Should Do It - Girl Boss Farah Merhi On Finding Purpose & Fulfillment In Work, Home & Self



In this interview, Farah Merhi just spoke to my heart. Below is an extract from the podcast that really resonated with me.

“There’s a huge different between a house and a home. For me a house means a structure with windows, doors and walls and you just willy nilly throw stuff in there. And a home is when you infuse and sprinkle your own taste and style and personality in that home – you put love in it through the furniture you pick, through the colour palette you choose, through different pieces that really creates a home – that sanctuary, that you can enjoy and build memories.
It’s crucial to make your house your home. When my house is not clean and organised, when my house is not well designed, I feel like Im anxious, I feel Im stressed out, and I cant focus on the task at hand.
On those days when my home is clean and organised and everything is in its place, once Ive completely and fully designed my home to really reflect what I love, my style, my colour palette and my personality it becomes a sanctuary.
Every day after a long day I know no matter how Im feeling when Im stressed out or a lot going on, in the back of my head I know that my home is waiting for me, my sanctuary, my oasis is waiting for me, and when I walk through those doors I can truly just sigh a sigh of relief and breathe. Now Im in there with my kids cooking, lighting up candles, enjoying fresh flowers all around the house, sitting back on my cosy sofa with a cosy throw blanket, building memories with my kids, playing board games, watching a movie, finally diving into my bed – I make my bed every morning by the way – I think that’s very essential for a productive day and to end the day on a positive note.”

– Farah Merhi


“Everyone should be blessed enough to have a sanctuary,
a place they call home that they can retreat too.”

– Danielle, The Bossbabe Podcast 


“A sense of inner piece starts from your home, starts in your home before you start your day.
Waking up and being able to just make your bed, getting dressed, making sure house is tidy and
walking out the door gives you a sense of accomplishment and puts you in the right mindset and
the right foot to tackle the day and come back and relax in the space.”

– Farah Merhi



As a creative, I’m not good with routine. I don’t feel I do my best work if I have to produce the work between a 9-5 workday or continually repeating the same patterns. To sum up what I got out of the podcast, routine is a good thing and “routine is what makes you feel good” so we can interpret routine to what works for us as individuals.


“Your home should spark a sense of happiness and joy
and it should give you a sense of inner peace.
How do you do that? Through the routines!”
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