Last year I decided to get back into shooting some film. Remember the days when we would load rolls of film into the back of the camera, roll it onto the next frame, wind the film then send the rolls to a photo lab for processing, then the lab would then send us back the negatives to view and decide on what to send off for printing. The days before the arrival of the digital camera!

Shooting film is a bit of a love/hate relationship for me. I love that I can’t see what the image looks like immediately – is it in focus? is it exposed properly? then the excitement of waiting a week or two to see the images. And I hate film photography for those exact same reasons. But it does force you to slow down the whole process, and I really do like that besides the colours of the various colour film stocks.

Here are some shots from the first roll of film I shot on my new Mamiya AF645. These images were taken in December 2013 at sunrise in Newcastle on my drive through to Sydney for Christmas with the family. I even found some guys dressed up as Santa Claus going for a surf – later I discovered its an annual event called Santa Surf.

All images photographed on the Mamiya AF645, Fuji 400H.


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