Art Prints Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Deb Boots Print Shop

FAQS ( Art Prints )

Are the art prints originals?

Yes! All of the images were photographed by Deb Boots. The images are captured digitally. However, as Deb does occasionally shoot film, both medium format and 35mm, some art prints that appear in the shop may have been captured on film. Any prints that were captured on film will be noted in the product description.


Are the prints limited edition releases?

Yes. All prints are limited edition releases and available in a limited print run quantity of 25 prints before the print is discontinued.


What kind of paper do you print on? 

Photographs are printed on Hahnemuhle fine art paper, an archival paper with a matte finish.


What is the difference between an art print and a poster?

Generally, the difference is in the quality of paper used.  Posters are printed on a low-quality less expensive paper in large volume. Whereas art prints are printed on high-quality archival art paper and printed with careful attention to colour reproduction and often in limited edition releases.


Can I order a different size that’s not listed in the shop?

Yes, custom print sizes are available. Simply email us and let us know which print and size you’re interested in.


What options are available for purchasing prints and is framing available?

You can purchase the photographs as an unframed print, framed prints and canvas art.

We believe the hero of an artwork is the art, in this instance the photographic print, and not the framing. The frame should not overpower the photograph. For this reason, we only provide a select amount of modern framing options that we feel suits the style of Deb’s photographs.

All frames have a modern thin profile and you can choose from natural timber, black or white.  All frames include non-reflective glass, archival acid-free foamcore backing and shipped ready to hang.

The canvases have a low-glare matte finish, with a beautiful Tasmanian Oak frame border for a contemporary look. Shipped ready to hang.

If you would like an alternative frame, we suggest ordering the print only and source a frame from a local framer.


Do you have any other prints available?

Yes! Basically any image featured on our blog or Instagram feed is available as a print. We are also adding new photographs to the shop all the time. See a photograph of Deb’s on the website or instagram but you can’t find it in the shop? Let us know as we’d love to create a custom print for you! Simply email us and let us know which print and size you’re interested in. Also sign up to our newsletter for announcements when new prints have been added to the print shop. You can also follow Deb Boots on Instagram.


Do the online images accurately represent what it will look like in person?

We’ve tried to do everything we can to show what the print will look like in person but it might not be a perfect representation. Some cropping may occur in various places where we feature the image, like Instagram we might display the image in the native Instagram square format, however, we do try to always display the images in full where possible, and definitely in the print shop you will always see a full version displayed. The colour of the print might look slightly different depending upon what monitor/device you are using to view the photo too.


How is my print posted?

We deliver all over Australia from Sydney.  All parcels are sent via AusPost as registered mail with a tracking number and signature required on delivery.

Unframed prints are shipped in a rigid postage tube.
Framed prints are carefully packaged and shipped in a box.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes with exceptions. We only ship unframed prints internationally. Unframed prints can be shipped to any country outside of Australia.

We recommend purchasing the unframed print and then arrange framing through a local framer to avoid the frame being damaged in transit as well as saving on shipping costs.


Framing your print

We recommend taking the postage tube to a professional framer and have them remove the print for framing. Professional framing will ensure the print is handled with care as it will come out of the tube curled​. They will then take care to flatten your print​, secure ​it ​in the frame and prevent movement once inside the frame. Handling the print with artists gloves is imperative as all prints are fragile and easily marked.​ Having your print professionally framed will ensure many years of enjoyment.​

If you choose to frame the print yourself, please carefully remove your print from the packaging tube. Roll the print out​ so it’s flat​ and carefully secure the print in a lay-flat position. It is best to keep the print flat for 24-48 hours to help settle the curl from being rolled up in the tube before framing. Then ​​frame in your choice of frame.


How long will it take to receive my print?

All prints are made to order. Delivery is usually anywhere from 7-14 days within Australia. For orders outside of Australia, generally 14-21 days.


Returns Policy

No, we do not accept returns or offer exchanges because each print is made to order. We do not give refunds for change of mind, sending to an incorrect address or ordering the wrong size. Please shop wisely and feel free to email us with any questions prior to purchase, as all orders are final at checkout.


Do you work with interior designers?

Absolutely! We love working with designers to find the right piece to work within their design or colour scheme. We are also happy to collaborate and provide prints for use on editorial shoots. Please email us and let us know your requirements.


Can I use a Deb Boots photograph on my website, blog or publication?

Deb Boots owns the copyright for all photographs except where credit is given to another party. Please do not use any photograph/image without written permission from Deb Boots. Please contact Deb Boots for permission.


Are you available for commissions and editorial assignments?

Yes! Deb is available for travel, interiors & lifestyle photography assignments.