FAQS ( Brand Photography )

What is the difference between a headshot session and a branding session?

When we think of headshots we think of a person with an awkward expression in front of a white background. A branding session is not that! Yes, you need a great headshot for the website, LinkedIn profile and social media, but a branding session takes your business portrait a step further by creating a story around your personal brand to engage your audience. Purposeful natural portraits with a lifestyle flair to show your true personality from what you wear to the location. Sessions are usually in your work environment or locations that make sense to your style and on-brand. 


Who are branding sessions for?

Branding sessions are perfect for :

  • entrepreneurs, small business owners & start-ups 
  • creatives, interior designers, artists, makers & clothing brands
  • hotel/AirBNB accommodation, travel/tourism 
  • cafes & restaurants
  • nutritionists, healthy living experts & personal trainers
  • career-motivated individuals, consultants, professional speakers & realtors
  • bloggers & brand influencers
  • product & service based businesses
  • people hosting events and workshops

Anyone who needs high quality images for their business to showcase who they are and what they do to attract their ideal clients.


Do I have the rights to my images?

Deb Boots retains copyright of the images but you have unlimited usage rights to use your images on your website, social media and print advertising.


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