When you are hustling to get your own business off the ground, its not always easy to follow in the spirit of community over competition.

I was only talking to a friend today about how some people seem to ‘cheat the system’ or lady-lucky always falls into their arms. Quite frankly you feel defeated when you are hustling hard and nothing good or easy comes your way, but it appears so many good things are happening for them and their business. Trust me when I say, we have all been there!

It’s also good to remember, their life on social media may look fabulous, but it’s not always a genuine or true reflection of the real everyday life as a business owner. So don’t read too much into their social feed.

Shake off those bad vibes! Start by switching off social media and jump out of those Facebook groups, and give yourself a time out. You probably haven’t taken a day off in weeks, so give yourself the day off to reflect and remember why you are hustling so hard to be your own boss!

Coincidently I got home to an email waiting in my inbox from girl boss Natalie Franke, founder of the Rising Tide Society and the #communityovercompetition movement (just BTW a brain surgery survivor), that reminded me of the value of community over competition and supporting a friend’s business!


So back on the hustle bus I jump — but before I do, Im sure you will get some value out of Natalie Franke’s email too, so Im sharing her wise words here.


"Being an entrepreneur is hard and sometimes a little help from your family,
friends, and community can make ALL the difference.
Feeling their support and also seeing them
support you always gives a little boost to your days, doesn't it?
Sometimes though, we're not sure how to support our other entrepreneur
friends, or what to tell friends and family that want to support us!"


"So, I've compiled some great ideas to help you support 
your entrepreneurial friends, and it's a great list to
pass on to your friends and family.
The best part — most of the suggestions won't cost you a dollar.
Yep. It is absolutely FREE to be an advocate for a friend
who is running a small business."



Support your fellow friends in business by simply following these tips:

1. Follow, comment and like their social media posts. That helps them get more eyes on their work and creates social proof that they have a community behind them.

2. Share about their businesses: online and in person. Referrals are a game-changer for service and product-based businesses.

3. Encourage them and celebrate their work! Running a business is hard and I mean — really, really, really hard. Be an affirming voice in a sea of doubt.

4. Oh, and when you do want to hire them … because let’s be honest — they are awesome at what they do — don’t ask for a discount! Expect to pay full price, because they deserve it.

Yes that’s right, they deserve to be paid for their work! They probably have already done loads of freebies for family and friends to build their portfolio to get to where they are today — PLUS they have bills to pay too! If you respect your friendship, don’t expect freebies, discounts or mates rates — its that simple.



"Oh! If you're also an entrepreneur, you need to remember 
that this advice replies to us too!"


"We need to support each other and these steps are easy ways to do just that. 
Cheering on your fellow small business owners
is what community over competition is all about!"


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