When you are a professional photographer, you might take holidays from the business, but you never take time off from the camera!

I was fortunate to be able to spend the Christmas holidays at my friend’s house in the Hunter Valley, NSW. My friend’s family decided to have a Christmas by the beach, but she needed someone to look after her cat, Missy. I always travel back to Sydney to see my family at Christmas anyway, so I brought my family to the Hunter Valley for Christmas instead.

I was one of the wettest Christmas’s in a long time and the miserable weather limited our options for activities, or more probably the will to go out in the rain. Out of the 3 weeks I was house-sitting, my family stayed a week, friends visited for a couple of days, so I was left with basically 2 whole weeks to myself to explore, cook, relax, digital detox and take photos.

This collection includes photos from my friend’s house and garden, the odd Hunter Valley landscape shot, of course some sunset photos, the Hunter Valley botanic gardens, around the grounds of a local church, and of course Missy cat.

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