My first love is taking photos.
My second first love is interiors.
One day I will travel the country in a Sprinter van #vanlife
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I’m Deb Boots, a photographer based in Sydney, Australia.

I mainly shoot weddings under Deb Boots love stories because well who wouldn’t want to go to a party every weekend! Since 2010, Ive been focusing on shooting weddings for fun-loving couples that prefer a more candid, natural approach to their wedding photos, while still capturing those romantic, heartfelt images that documents the couples love story.

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Through the lovely connections I was building with my couples, I jumped into the world of family photography a few years ago with Deb Boots life stories.  Again that same natural approach through documentary family photography sessions, capturing real, treasured moments.

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And to round off capturing all parts of people’s lives, Deb Boots work stories evolved with the need for small businesses, entrepreneurs and creatives needing images to tell their brand’s story on social media. Work Stories includes lifestyle business headshots and brand photography.

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Besides taking photos as a job, I can’t help but pick up the camera when I travel too. Sharing my love of pretty things and travel stories on my blog.

Photography has given me the opportunity to meet some wonderful people and travel throughout parts of Australia including NSW, Queensland, Victoria & Tasmania and internationally America, Fiji, the South Pacific Islands and Thailand.

After living the good life in Brisbane for 11 years, I’m back home in Sydney for a while helping to look after my dad who has dementia so travel is limited for the time being. But, one day I plan on living in a Sprinter van doing the #vanlife thing, of course journaling my adventures while finding  yummy organic food from local producers, cool cafes so I can work on the road, places to watch the sunset while relaxing over a wine, and patting every dog on my travels. I have a separate Instagram devoted to my travels and I also have a print shop where you can pick up prints for your home.

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But if we are truly going to start this about me story from the beginning, I really should start where it all began. Don’t worry Im not going to bore you with my life story, just from the beginning of my photography journey as that’s more exciting to talk about.

My photography journey started with me wanting to take photographs and create art for interiors back in 2002.

I was working in the interiors industry in Sydney in a sales and marketing role where I got an insight into new interior design products. We were embarking on what then was a new revolution in technology, digital photography and digital printing. Printing on canvas was a new idea – as hard as that is to believe in 2018 where every man and their dog prints on canvas. Back in 2002, it was new and only a few digital printing companies existed and had the machinery to print on canvas.

I was aware of printing on canvas because of my role in the interiors industry. After attending a trade show, I came up with the idea of where I would take abstract photos with a digital camera and then print them on canvas, selling the photograph-based art to interior designers and decorators to hang on walls in commercial properties and homes.

I purchased my first digital camera, a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F717 for around $1700 – that was an expensive digital camera in 2002. I joined a camera club in the hopes to speed up my learning of how to use the camera to take high quality, big enough file sized images to produce large canvases that I needed for my business venture. Digital photography quickly opened my eyes to a world of visual media I had not truly appreciated until I picked up a camera.  I was immediately absorbed and capturing images consumed my life. In the process, printing on canvas took over the world and was no longer a unique product and my business idea faded but where my exploration of photography took off.

It wasn’t until I moved to Brisbane in 2006 in the name of love, where I got a taste of wedding photography. In 2009 I photographed my first couple of weddings as the primary photographer. In 2010 in my first year as a professional wedding photographer, I photographed 21 weddings, allowing me to give up my day job and become a full-time photographer. Every year following, I have averaged 25-35 weddings each year and in 2015 added newborn and family lifestyle sessions.

Now I’m coming full circle and wanting to give my travel photography a purpose.  Through sharing my photographs as printed wall art with interior designers to hang in people’s homes and DIY decorators to make their house a modern home by filling blank walls with cool pieces of photography based art.

If you are interested in my travel photography, then you can hang out here and enjoy my travel blog or follow my travels on Instagram. You can also purchase art prints in the print shop.

I love meeting new people and exploring parts of this amazing country, so if you are getting married, whether you are a Sydney local or somewhere else in Australia, I would love to hear about your wedding plans. And if you have an exciting creative project you are working on, maybe wall art for an interiors project or need photographs of your interior space for an editorial publication, I would love to talk to you about collaborating.