Whether you have a product or service business, visuals play a crucial role in delivering information and personality about your brand to your audience.

People make many purchase decisions based on first impressions. And buying is often an emotional decision more than a practical one.

Branding is more than just a logo. Branding is about influencing the way consumers think about you, your business, products or services. As a result, the images you use can have a huge impact on your business and your bottom line.

If you use low quality photography (amateur photos, phone photos or selfies) that can imply you are a hobby business, very new or don’t take your business serious. That makes it easy for customers to move to the next business that has a more professional brand and are invested in their business and servicing their clients.

Why is the food industry successful using photos in their advertising? Because people shop with their eyes! They use vibrant quality professional photography. If that food looks super tasty, it makes us hungry even when we aren’t.

Investing in high-quality photography is required if you take your business seriously. We’ve all heard the term ‘invest back into your business’ and that is what you are doing when you invest in quality imagery for your business or brand.

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is underutilising their visual assets and wasting their investment. Photography is a business asset, therefore having an image resource library to access can save you time and money in the long-term. 

Here’s how you can maximize your investment in personal branding photography and leverage your visual assets throughout your marketing materials for massive value.


Use Your Branding Photography Throughout Your Website

Using professional quality photographs throughout your marketing helps create trust. It also visually tells the story of your business, and quickly. At the very least, you want to have a quality business portrait or headshot or photograph that showcases your product or service on your website. People want to know you are a real person and a legit business. People do business with PEOPLE.

People buy from people they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST.

Lauren is a graphic designer that works from home, and often the local cafe. Most clients book Lauren because of her personality and design portfolio so its important to put a face to her brand. She used her personal branding photos on her website About Me page. Check out Lauren’s personal branding photography session here



Content For Your Social Media

With the need to constantly be showing up in social media feeds, you need a lot of content to share. And quite frankly, while you are busy running your business, you don’t have the time to play photographer as well.

Larger businesses usually have a budget for a social media manager, but if you are a sole trader, entrepreneur or small business, the chances are you don’t have the budget for a social media manager and already wearing several hats, so taking photos for socials is the last thing on your mind.

If you are posting twice a day, every weekday, thats 10 posts per week, 40 posts per month, 120 posts per quarter. Oh and that’s not even posting to Stories – and we know Stories has more reach than a post in the feed.

Whether to have a personal branding photography session is not the question you should be asking yourself, but jump into action to find a branding photographer and book your session stat!

Your personal branding photography can be used on LinkedIn, your Facebook Business Page, Instagram posts and stories, Twitter, etc.


Brochures, Marketing Materials & Annual Reports – Online & Print Media 

If you produce brochures, marketing materials or annual reports, whether online or print media, using branded photography will help enforce your business and brand message.


Enhance Your Blog Posts And Newsletters With Storytelling Images

Break up your blog posts and newsletter with great imagery to enhance the article and make the story highly engaging – because who just wants to read a long article of just text? No-one!


Images For Press Releases, Announce An Event Or New Offer

A press release is an easy way to get media coverage when you have an announcement, event or new offer. It’s free marketing!

Also sharing photos of your event is a great way to promote your business “without selling” a product or service.


Refreshing Your Profile Picture Every Few Months

Refreshing your profile picture every 2-3 months is a great way to put you back in front of people’s faces. Just remember to update all your socials with the same image so people can quickly recognise you and your brand.

Below Lauren has used a photo from her branding photoshoot as her profile picture on LinkedIn and her Facebook Business Page. You will notice its the same photo for brand consistency. Lauren works from home so besides shooting in some images in a cafe and out and about, we also included some photos in her home office with her super-friendly office staff, her two dogs (haha) to add a personal touch to her branding photoshoot.

Lauren also used a business portrait from her branding photoshoot as her Author profile picture for the blog posts on her website.


Sales Funnels & Landing Pages Is Another Great Space To Utilise Your Branding Images. 

Using quality branded photography in your sales funnel and landing pages will lead to better conversion rates.


Speaking Engagements

Use your professional branded photography in pitches for keynote speaking engagements will help you stand out and show your professionalism. Don’t just tell them who you are, SHOW THEM. Speaking engagements are a great way to get in front of new faces and meet new potential clients.


Up Your Email Signature Game 

Personalise your email signature with a professional business portrait and help people remember who you are. You are more likely to remember a face even if you can’t remember their name. The lifestyle business portraits are perfect for your email signature as they show your personality too. People would rather do business with a friendly face.


Advantages of having a branding photoshoot means you have a library of fresh on-brand images at your disposal. Maybe you are approached by a business to appear in a blog post, on a podcast or speaking event, or a magazine approaches you to be featured in an article. Having a library of images at your disposal will save the stress of accepting a gig and then scrabbling for a professional headshot photo to send them. Exposure such as this is a chance to find new customers and the photo you put forward will give an impression, and you want that to be a good impression.

It’s all about understanding how to leverage your images and the power of the photograph.

Personal branding photography is a powerful tool because it can have a substantial impact on your bottom line, or at least put forward a business brand that believes and invests in itself. 


For more information on branding photography check out my Work Stories portfolio.

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